The Physical Education and Sports Department established in the year 1946 with the instituting of Shri R. K. Parikh Arts and Science College, Petlad . Physical Education is Part of Education. Those Students Are Participated Various Sports Activity he is Developing Physically, Mentally and all over Development.

The College has fairly well physical education section with indoor and outdoor sports facilities for the students. There is a large playground with 28,707 sq.mts area having facilities for outdoor games like cricket, kabaddi, kho-kho, athletics, open boxing ring etc. Excellent facilities for indoors games such as table tennis, wrestling, power lifting, badminton, 4-station multi-gym Yoga etc.

The department cultivated by the eminent Physical Education & Sports Director like Prof. D. D. Chaudhari.

Presently there is one Physical Education Director and an adhoc basis Ground man.

Dr. M. K. Mandora

P. R. Talpad
Ground man