The Physics department established in the year 1946 with the instituting of Shri R. K. Parikh Arts and Science College, Petlad offering bachelor’s degree.

The department cultivated by the eminent professors like Prof. V. C. Upadhyaya, Prof. K. R. Talati, Prof. B. V. Brahmbhatt and Prof. B. L. Prajapati.

We offer Physics as a core subject for the students of B.Sc. Semester-1 to 6.

The Physics department has three fully equipped laboratories having sophisticated instruments along with a dedicated dark room for optics experiments. There is also an “Electronics Project Laboratory” for hands on training of the students.

Presently there are three teaching faculty members, one electrician and a laboratory peon. The research area of faculty members are crystal growth, thin film technology and materials science.

College library is furnished with reference books, journals and students are provided with credentials for access N-list database.

The students are encouraged to participate in college and intercollege activities of science.

Prof. K. R. Trivedi

Dr. V. S. Joshi


Devangini Upadhyaya
Adhoc faculty

Bhakti suthar
adhoc faculty

Mr. P. R. Patel

Mr. S. L. Rabari
Lab Hamal