Welcome to the Department of English!

The department is dedicated to the study of the English language and currently, offers courses namely Functional English and General English to undergraduate-level students of Science and Arts of the college respectively. Since the institution is affiliated to Sardar Patel University, it follows the curriculum prescribed by the University.

The department is committed to providing students with a supportive, challenging and rewarding educational experience. The department constantly strives to benefit students with diverse learning environments by organising quizzes, debates, elocutions, extempore, educational tours and other vital communication and English language learning activities to ease English language acquisition and communication.

In addition to the academic concentration, the department also generates opportunities for students to engage in seminars, workshops, expert sessions and other institutional events accentuating communication in English and in general, personality development, soft skills enhancement, interview preparation, developing professional and social etiquette and boosting of employ ability skills by providing requisite drilling and exposure to empower students as English users and prospective job seekers.

The department is equipped with Digital Educational Learning Laboratory(DELL) to facilitate students with different LSRW tasks. The department also actively uses projectors, internet, speakers, e-portals and other aiding modern pieces of equipment for easing and enhancing academic deliverance and English language learning.

The department aims to establish a language laboratory with state-of-art English language learning software and collaborate with leading language institutions for enriching the English language learning experience and taking language learning beyond the four walls of the classroom

We invite students, experts, institutions and stakeholders to join us…

Dr Tridipkumar Macwan