• The Chemistry department was set up for Inter Science classes in 1947, later on with the commencement of Junior and Senior B.Sc. classes in 1948.

  • In 1964 additional laboratories for Chemistry were set up with the help of the U.G.C.

  • The department had been cultivated by the eminent professors, like Dr. J D Joshi, Dr Y K Shah, Prof B M Parekh, Prof. M N Patel , Prof. B R Shah.  Their significant contributions in teaching and research has flourish the department in all aspects.

  •  The Chemistry department has three well equipped laboratories having sophisticated instruments  for Conductometry, Potentiometry, pH metry, Colorimetry, Refractometer and Polarimeter experiments.

  • The department has made great stride by revising the B. Sc. syllabus and updating it as per the university guideline from time to time.

  • Presently there are six teaching faculty members, one technician, store keeper  and two laboratory peons.

  • The research area of faculty members are Coordination, Polymer, Environment chemistry and Corrosion.

Dr. R. T. Jasrai

Prof. S. V. Patel

Dr. V. R. Patel

Dr. J. A. Chaudhari

Dr. S. S. Chaturvedi

Dr. D. N. Mokariya

Mr. K. C. Shah

Mr. D. N. Panchal

Mr. R. N. Vaghela

Mr.Nikul Talpada